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Taking the assessment is quick and easy. Simply click the link below and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please Be Aware:

This assessment is totally free. Any use of our free assessment by someone who is charging you or using it as a part of a service is inappropriate. This site is intended to help families improve their relationships.

It should not be used for selecting and hiring purposes. We would be happy to demonstrate our system specifically designed for this process. Contact Us with any questions or to schedule a demonstration.

Completing Your Assessment:

In just ten minutes, you can complete the Family Relationships Response Form and begin a process of self-understanding that will benefit you and your family. After completing the instrument, the Internet Delivery Service™ (IDS) will be used to generate a valuable report full of information that may change the rest of your life.

Your report merges sophisticated behavior analysis with computer software operations to provide you with unique personal insights. This comprehensive report will help you discover qualities about yourself that could be the key to opening new doors of opportunity. You will be able to better understand your style from the information provided. Then, using the Family Relationships Debriefing Process, you’ll be able to better understand your entire family.


You will see 24 sets of words. Each set contains four lines of words. For each set, select the line of words that best describes you and click the Most box. Then, select the line of words that least describes you and click the Least box. Repeat this process for the remaining 23 boxes.

  • While you are responding to the 24 questions, keep your focus on the descriptions that apply to yourself at home.
  • Be ruthlessly honest with yourself!
  • Go with your “gut” instinct – don’t over-analyze!
  • Select ONLY 1 Most and 1 Least in each of the 24 sets
  • You should take no more than 10 minutes to complete the instrument and it should be done in one uninterrupted sitting.
  • Please note, for children under 12, parents may want to respond for them or assist with the understanding of the questionnaire. We’ve found over 82% accuracy when conducting the assessment this way for young children.

Follow Up - 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Each participant reads their Family Relationships report. Here is a sample Parent report and sample Young Adult report.
  2. Each participant highlights at least 4 statements in each section of their Family Relationships report that they believe to be true about themselves.
  3. Hold structured group discussions on the Family Relationships reports. The structure for these meetings is provided below.
  4. Make commitments for improving communication and relationships.

For the complete process, including guidelines, ideas for discussion and even questions to ask, download the Family Relationships Debriefing Process.